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Red Squirrel Chasers - Shakin' Down the Acorns

 Great new old-time band with bluegrass tendencies.

New old-time string band music that draws inspiration and energy from the  the classic string bands of the 1920s, the brother duets of the 1930s while  mashing  it up with the emerging bluegrass sounds of the 1940s and beyond. Features Stephanie Coleman on fiddle and vocal; Jim Collier on mandolin and vocals; Jim Nelson on guitar and vocals; Dedo Norris on bass and vocals.


  1. Shady Grove, My Darling
  2. Shakin' Down the Acorns
  3. Cold Rain and Snow
  4. Durangs Hornpipe
  5. I'm Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail
  6. Sugar in the Gourd
  7. No Letter in the Mail Today
  8. Moonshiner
  9. Jaybird Died With the Whooping Cough
  10. Short Life of Trouble
  11. Darling Honey
  12. Run Mountain
  13. Old Bob
  14. New River Train
  15. Squirrel Hunters
  16. She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain

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Lotus Dickey - Coming Down the Pike

Long out of print, we're proud to make these historical recordings available once again.

This collection of fiddle tunes was recorded in two sessions supervised by Paul Tyler over a 24 hour period on April 6 and 7, 1989. Lotus died later that year, and it was another two years before these recordings saw the light of day as part of a double cassette-only release on the Marimac Recordings label titled “Fiddle Tunes from Orange County, Indiana. That release never got the attention it deserved for a variety of reasons, including the demise of the cassette album, and more importantly, the death of Larry MacBride, the founder and driving force behind Marimac. Vigortone Recordings is proud and quite pleased to make these historic available once again. Enjoy! 

Features Fred Campeau and Steve Rosen on banjo; Jim Nelson on guitar; and Paul Tyler on mandolin and guitar.

  1. Dickey's Discovery
  2. Leather Britches
  3. Ed Fleming Waltz
  4. Allen Downey Two-Step #1
  5. Allen Downey Medley
  6. Allen Downey C Waltz #1
  7. Katy Hill
  8. Yellow-Eyed Cat
  9. Holiness Piece
  10. Albert Dougherty Medley
  11. German Waltz
  12. Sweet Bundy
  13. Pegleg
  14. Mary & John
  15. Poindexter Ainsworth Medley
  16. Little Bess
  17. Oyster River Hornpipe
  18. Bye-Bye My Honey, I'm Gone
  19. Kiss Waltz
  20. Forked Deer
  21. John Coulter Medley
  22. Tune Book Medley
  23. The Baltimore

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Bobby Taylor Plays "Ragged Shirt" and Other Favorite Fiddle Tunes

Smooth fiddling on a mix of favorite tunes from West Virginia, with fine old-time banjo and guitar.

 A new release from one of today’s master old-time fiddlers. “Rugged Shirt” features 22 fiddle tunes – some rarities and some classics – played by one West Virginia’s contemporary fiddle masters, Bobby Taylor. Bobby is ably backed up by Jeff Miller’s masterful banjo playing and the solid guitar playing of Jim Nelson. Bobby is widely known as a contest fiddler and judge, and may be best known as organizer of the contests at the Appalachian String Band Festival at Clifftop, WV. On this CD, the feel is more laid back, the focus more on the old-time aspects of his playing and repertoire. Throughout, Bobby pays tribute to some of his major influences – among them Clark Kessinger, Doc Roberts, Mike Humphreys, and Sam Jarvis – while putting his own highly individual stamp on the tunes. 

With Jeff MIller and Jim Nelson


  1. Rachel
  2. Wild Horse
  3. Folding Down the Sheets
  4. Ragged Shirt
  5. Richmond Polka
  6. Sandy River Belle
  7. Spotted Pony
  8. Happy Jack
  9. Fair Morning Hornpipe
  10. Indian Squaw
  11. Polly Put the Kettle On
  12. Run, Smoke, Run
  13. Molly Put the Kettle On
  14. Billy in the Lowground
  15. Three Forks of Sandy
  16. New Five Cents
  17. Muddy Lane
  18. Twin Sisters
  19. Walk Along John
  20. Arkansas Traveler
  21. Wilson's Hornpipe
  22. Martha Campbell

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The Piedmont Melody Makers - Wonderful World Outside



Alice Gerrard, Chris Brashear, Cliff Hale and Jim Watson.

The Piedmont Melody Makers play old- time, country and bluegrass music and make no apologies for it. They take their name from the Piedmont region of eastern North Carolina, where three-quarters of the band now reside. One-quarter of the band is a known vagabond. 


  1. Sold Old Day
  2. Over the Sea
  3. Piedmont Melody Makers Theme
  4. Kentucky Home
  5. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  6. One and Only
  7. Wonderful World Outside
  8. I'll Be There
  9. Sweeter Day
  10. Trials Troubles Tribulations
  11. Little Boy Loser
  12. Six More Miles
  13. Poor Little Orphaned Boy
  14. Buehler's March
  15. Troublesome Waters
  16. Just Keep Waiting Till the Good Times Come

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Lynn"Chirps" Smith - Down in Little Egypt


 The Midwest’s premier fiddler – Chirps Smith presents twenty-six tunes that evoke memories of front-porch music-making on the Illinois prairie and dances held in cabins in the hollers of Little Egypt, all played in a style he calls simply, and modestly, “Midwestern.” 


  1. Amish Town
  2. Old Missouri
  3. Ten Cents
  4. Charlie Wyler's Tune
  5. D & G Polka
  6. Chase the Banshee
  7. Lost Indian
  8. Old Red
  9. Fishin' Limber
  10. Grotts
  11. Elie's Waltz
  12. Down in Little Egypt
  13. Joke on the Puppy
  14. Rolling the Logs
  15. Bowling Green
  16. White's Polka
  17. Polish Tune (Kujawiak)
  18. Hop-Scotch Polka
  19. Tippin' Back the Corn
  20. Mr. Fisher's Old German Waltz
  21. Illinois Cotillion
  22. New Year's a-Comin'
  23. Idlewood
  24. Benton
  25. California Waltz
  26. Old Plantation

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The Ill-Mo Boys - Laugh and Grow Fat



The Ill-Mo Boys playedg together from 1985 to 2007. Laugh and Grow Fat is their third recording and their first CD. In gathering the material for this album, the Ill-Mos have, for the most part, stuck a little closer to their home in Missouri. There are some nice tunes learned from fiddlers from all four corners of the state and points in between. They’ve also done some excavating through piles of old records and come up with some fine and spirited old songs by some of the early greats of country music. We hope you will sit back, kick off your shoes, and join us Ill-Mo style…while we laugh and grow fat…

Curtis Buckhannon on mandolins, banjo-mandolin, harmonica, vocals;Jim Nelson  on guitar, vocals; Geoff Seitz  on fiddle, vocals


  1. Gone Indian
  2. Tie Hacker #1
  3. Farmer's Daughter
  4. Saddle Old Kate
  5. John Short's Tune
  6. Nancy Jane
  7. Going Across the Sea
  8. Laugh and Grow Fat
  9. All Around the Mountain
  10. Salty River Reel
  11. Married Life Blues
  12. Duck Shoes Rag
  13. I'm Rollin' On
  14. Echoes of the Ozarks
  15. Little White Lies
  16. In the Pines
  17. Bob Kings' Tune
  18. Jawbone
  19. Handsome Molly
  20. Salt River
  21. Little Dutch Girl
  22. 9th of January
  23. Texas Ranger
  24. Shoot that Turkey Buzzard

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Rhys Jones & Christina Wheeler - Starry Crown


Starry Crown, the debut CD by Rhys Jones and Christina Wheeler features the soaring harmonies of driving twin fiddles and plaintive duet singing, interspersed with some mighty fine fiddle/banjo and fiddle/guitar work. Rhys and Christina offer a contemporary take on old-time music that is bound please everyone.  

  1. The Rebel's Raid
  2. Johnny Bucker
  3. Plowboy Hop
  4. Jim Shank
  5. Jack of Diamonds
  6. Lazy Kate
  7. Happy One-Step
  8. Rake and Rambling Boy
  9. Grub Springs
  10. Gypsy Dance
  11. Hogeyed Man
  12. Oak Ridge Stomp
  13. Chased Old Satan
  14. Jenny Run Away in the Mud in the Night

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Rhys Jones, Jeff Miller, and Jim Nelson - Mississippi Square Dance


Jones, Miller & Nelson are back with a new CD of old-time mountain fiddling – Mississippi Square Dance. They tear through 21 hot tunes, some classics and some soon-to-be classics, all learned from the masters, including Ed Haley, Doc Roberts, Clark Kessinger, Hoyt Ming, and others. 

 Rhys Jones – fiddle; Jeff Miller – banjo, mandolin; Jim Nelson – guitar 


  1. Possum on a Rail
  2. Sugar in the Gourd
  3. Mississippi Square Dance
  4. Creek's All Muddy And The Pond's All Dry
  5. Chicken Reel
  6. Indian Nation
  7. Little Black Mustache
  8. Greenback Dolly-O
  9. Brushy Run
  10. Charleston #2
  11. One Eyed Riley
  12. Sandy Boys
  13. Blue Goose
  14. Little Brown Jug
  15. Lost Hornpipe
  16. Shortening Bread
  17. Irish Waltz
  18. Chinquapin
  19. Arkansas Traveler
  20. Indian Squaw
  21. Old Dan Tucker

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Rhys Jones, Jeff Miller, and Jim Nelson - All I've Got's Done Gone




  1. Rye Straw
  2. Twin Sisters
  3. Half Past Four
  4. Old Molly Hare
  5. Blackberry Blossom
  6. Silver Lake
  7. All I've Got's Done Gone
  8. Indian Ate A Woodchuck
  9. Camp Chase
  10. Cuckoo's Nest
  11. Red Bird
  12. Waynesboro
  13. I'll Reap What I've Sown
  14. Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase
  15. Washington's March
  16. Little Boy, Where'd You Get Your Britches
  17. Bob Wills Tune
  18. Brushy Run
  19. Old Sledge
  20. Salt River
  21. Dry and Dusty

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